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Yoga Nidra

Not losing your mind...
While all around you are losing theirs.

Yoga Nidra is the science of guided meditation in which the mind releases itself. The Yoga Nidra allows self observation, and control, while simultaneously being of the deepest possible states of relaxation and still remaining fully conscious.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Amazing Yoga Nidra in Hitchin

YogaNidra is known to reveal inner tranquility.

YogaNidra is one of the practices of sense withdrawal or Pratayahara. It is sleep with full awareness. During the guided relaxation the body sleeps but our mind remains awake.

YogaNidra Benefits

  • Yoga nidra Minimises and reduces tension.
  • Counteracts the effects of stress & anxiety.
  • Trains and relaxes the mind.
  • Reduces anxiety and awakens creativity.
  • Manages psychological disorders.
  • Enhances memory and learning capacity.
  • Has been one of the few therapies to help long term with post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Widely acknowledged as hugley effective in ongoing clinical trials.

What does it do?

In simple terms it empowers people to step back from the emotional maelstrom of the world around us. YogaNidra provides us with a stable and reliable platform from which to experience life without becoming embroiled in emotional anxieties.
YogaNidra is also renowned for giving us a perspective on ourselves which is based on the things we hold to be true rather than the imposed views of others upon ourselves. Yoga Nidra has been used in releasing PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] in military situations, it has helped people with extreme anxiety and all the health conditions associated with these disorder and many more.

Can anybody do it?

Absolutely any one can benefit form yoga nidra, you do not have to be practicing the physical Yoga Asanas to come to this class.
There are currently no known medical conditions that would adversely affect you performing a YogaNidra. The process is simple. The YogaNidra is a carefully worded way of unlocking your subconscious. Many people who regularly use YogaNidra techniques liken it to have a really good sleep in which you dream very positive thoughts. This is quite close to what is actually happening. The body enters a state of deep relaxation while the mind remains awake. During this time your imagination is taken through a series of awarenss visualisations that can be a s simple os hot and cold or light and heavy. This duality of opposites creates a balance tihing ones subscious which often lasts for days and the more your practise... the longer it lasts!

In the Workplace

From a work or business perspective practising YogaNidra has a well documented and profound effect. YogaNidra enhances your performance at all levels. We spend more time in the workplace than we do with our loved ones - the people we have 'chosen' to be with. We are thrust into a group of people that become a kind of second family - with all the characters and emotions of a family - small and tight or lose and diverse. The drivers for this family are almost certainly about money. Irrespective of what job we do, if the organisation isnt making money, be it a charity or a bank, then the family soon falls apart. This emphasis on money and the close proximity of the non bllod 'family' members does at times lead to a wide variety of pressures often being forced downward from those at the top. So work is a stressful place full of politics and egos. What can we do? How do stop ourselves from getting lost? There is no right answer thats fits every person in every situation - this is where YogaNidra comes into its own. YogaNidra provides a break from outside pressures, and through a form of personal but guided meditation and mental rotations gives you the opportunity to attain a level of clarity in everyday situations that is often difficult to achieve on the treadmill of working life. This rotation of awareness is the key to unlocking your own potential in the workplace and gives you a level of understanding and focus that you carry with you at all times. With regaulr practise at home or in class you will start to become the person you wish to be rather than the person others impose upon you. Thereby releasing your true potential!

Yoga for business in Hitchin

YogaNidra transforms our clarity of thought

In the Home

Yoga Nidra Family Classes in Hitchin Hertfordshire

Keeping the family sun shining!

Families are... well... families. Each person is both an individual and a family member - a single entity and a part of a greater collective. Working families are tough to manage in our society. The pressures of work [see above!] and then the pressures of maintaining a home, maintaining a family, maintaining a relationship with a life partner [often coping with their own stuff] and then managing to keep up with children who change in size and attitude every week. Its no surprise that we are all run down. YogaNidra provides a break and a perspective. It balances the mind empowering you to keep up with lifes challenges and to put them into a clear context.

YogaNidra gives your body and mind downtime while supporting the minds need to achieve balance and clarity. This is done through what is known as a "rotation of awareness". Its a kind of self programming that you are in charge of and uses opposing sensation triggers personal to you in order to help you get back to who you are and what your needs are - therby helping you meet the needs of those who depend upon you and to cope with their changes. Be it an overbearing family member, a partner under pressure at work, or those pesky, fun loving and full of life children.

Yoga Nidra for Sport

In the zone? Thats exactly what YogaNidra can do for you.
You use a guided meditative focus - rotating your senses and balancing your mind. At this point you will start to reprogramme your mind to cope with the pressures of sport.
YogaNidra enhances performance by giving you a real perspective on your skills and your chalenges. YogaNidra has helped many people maintain and get back their MoJo!

Yoga for sports in Hitchin

Focus Through Yoga Nidra

Work Benefits

  • Releases anxiety.
  • Improves focus.
  • Gives a sense of self possession.
  • Promotes Willpower.
  • Improves ability to deal with stressful situations.
  • Improves ability to deal with people.
  • Allows you to see the truth and reality in situations.
  • Allows focused change management.

Sport Benefits

  • Releases performance anxiety.
  • Promotes a calm sense of focus.
  • Improves ability to think quickly and accurately.
  • Improves team thinking.
  • helped thousands with their MoJo.

Interpersonal Benefits

  • Releases performance anxiety.
  • Promotes a calm sense of focus.
  • Improves ability to think quickly and accurately.
  • Gives a sense of self possession.
  • Promotes kissing with confidence.


On the second and last Sunday of each month.
Except August and December.

Session 1 - yoganidra : Sunday 6 - 7pm
Session 2 - meditation: Sunday 7 - 8pm
Session 3 - yoganidra : Sunday 8 - 9pm


Hitchin Quaker Meeting House, Paynes Park, Hitchin , SG5 1EH

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How do I book?

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  • We need your full name, address and mobile telephone number.
  • Booking is on a first to reply basis. 14 spaces in each session.
  • If you reserve a space and don't turn up - you will charged for the unused space.
  • These classes are extremely popular and early reservation is recommended.
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