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One To One Classes

Yoga Designed For You

One to one classes are designed specifically for your individual needs. Private classes are all about you. You may be so busy with work that are unable to make one of the group classes, you may have a need to learn a very specific yoga posture or mantra, you may be an athlete, footlballer, rugby player or olympic star and need very direct and secific yoga. Alternately you may be recovering from long term illness or from an operation; such as a hip or knee replacement, ligament surgery or back injury and you need a tailored programme to meet your physical needs and in some cases your emotional needs. Sarah has a huge depth of experience both in athletic yoga and remedial yoga which she is able to bring to bear on your needs. From Executives to Athletes, from Pre Op to Post Op - Youre in Good Hands. Most Private Yoga tuition is based around the North Hertfordshire area. Contact Us and find out what we do.

Tuition focussed on your needs

Private Yoga Classes in Hitchin

Private Yoga Classes in Hitchin

Remedial private classes combine Asanas ranging from chair, floor or even bed based work if necessary, combined with specific breathing practices to speed recovering and still the mind with meditation. Sarahs experience includes PostOp hip and knee replacement yoga, Cancer patient yoga, Altzheimer sufferers yoga, Parkinson sufferers yoga. She is experienced and certified to work with the vulnerable.

Stress can cause physical deterioration of the body and the bodys immune and autonomic systems. With a private one to one class you can actively and quickly reduce your levels of stress, directly affect your blood pressure and heart rate. This is perfect for those in stressful jobs who need to break the cycle of anxiety and stress before moving into a class environment. Private lesson can also be useful if your really busy and need a teacher to come to you. It may be that you are keen to start yoga but feel some private tuition would build your confidence enough to join a main stream class.

Athletic Yoga in a one to one environment is ideal for those who are in training and need to increase stamina and flexibility and reduce any potential injuries. Private classes for Athletes also covers any circumstances in you need remedial work on an injury or if your efficiency and effectiveness is being hampered by muscular problems. Athletic Mindset is vastly enhanced by the specific yogic techniques used throughout asana work, creating a winning link between mind and body.

Private classes are also available for mantra and for meditation, specific Yogic techniques such as neti or other cleansing techniques. Yoga Asanas, alignment , pranayama can also benefit from being taught in a one to one environment.

What a Private Class is like:

  • If its your first class, you will have a physical assessment which will also take medical aspects into account.
  • All personal information is treated professionally and with the utmost discretion.
  • You will be taken through an appropriate series of asanas and breathing exercises.
  • You WILL be given homework.

What to Expect:

  • An in depth understanding of your body and your needs.
  • A specifically designed treatment.
  • Follow up support and advice.
  • A well respected teacher with a proven track record.
  • No discrimation or judgements.

Contact us for more a more indepth consultation regarding your requirements.
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Private Classes provide a personal focus and resiliance