Beginners Yoga Course with Tori Ley

Come and explore the wonderful world of yoga!
Experience your body, your mind, and your spirit combine.


Beginners Yoga - Finding the best way forward.

Yoga is the relationship that is built between the body, the mind, and the breath.

Yoga is creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live.

Yoga is freedom to live with love and compassion.

Beginners Yoga eases you through the the process of getting your body flexible and free. The classes are not focussed on getting you instagram ready - they focus on releasing you in the best way for your own body's needs. Beginners Yoga targets your muscle, ligaments, and even the joints of the body that are not exercised.

The course will cover starting and warming the body, basic yoga postures, combined breath work (allows you to stretch better), a little bit of meditation and relaxation. You will learn to stretch and gently exercise your body. At the end of course you should be stronger, more flexible and with a brighter outlook on your body and mind as a whole.

The course runs over 6 sessions on each friday -starting 17 January 2020.
The cost for the entire course is £60.
The course runs at the Yogamindspace studio at Sam Lucas JMI.
The maximum number of available places is 12.

Contact Tori : 07814 191769
email : [email protected]