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Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking Creativity | Sat 12-Oct-2019

Yoga Workshop near Hitchin Unlocking Creativity
Sat 12-Oct-2019

Unlocking Creativity

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What to Expect

This workshop is lead by Sarah O'Connor and Tatjana Samopjan. Sarah is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Head of Mindflowyoga teacher training school . Tatjana Samopjan is a creative consultant, speaker and coach working on development of TV series, movies and documentaries. She is based in Sweden and has Europe as her work place. Previously she was the Head of Development at Palladium Fiction, a Stockholm-based production company. We will cover all aspects of yoga and creative thought, this collaborative workshop is aimed to help you unlock your own creativity and express it in your life, work, relationships. We hope you will join us on this joyful and deeply creative workshop

The Location

  • Location : Samuel Lucas JMI School
  • Address: Gaping Lane, Hitchin
  • SatNav : SG5 2JQ
  • Samuel Lucas JMI School

About The Tutor : Sarah OConnor Tatjana Samopja

"Creativity is within each and everyone of us. Whether it's how we bring up our children, how we interact at work, whether we love garden , music, poetry or art. Even if you think you are not creative, creativity is essentially who we are, it is the univer " Sarah O'Connor