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What we do - The way we teach.

We look at yoga as a toolbox, in which each tool helps to fix certain aspects of ourselves, whether physical or mental. Through Yoga our bodies and minds start to feel stronger and more flexible, through combined practices, we are able to recognise negative habitual patterns, that do not help us achieve happiness. Recognising these, we can replace negative patterns with positive. Classes cover sequences that help everyone and are taught in a way that allow beginners and the more advance yoga practitioner to benefit. Our aim is to allow each individual to develop at there own pace, to be able to take on board things that help now, in a busy and often chaotic world. As practice progresses we find ourselves in a calmer place, more often.

Our Yoga Teachers are superbly qualified and experieinced. They use personal and specific modifications, so that everyone can do the postures, in a way that suits their body right now. So whether your a complete beginner, an advanced student, or even a Yoga Teacher, each posture is taught on a level you can achieve each with its own benefits. Senior yoga teacher Sarah also encourages each person in class to take responsibility for themselves, to listen to your body to observe what feels good and what not so good, gently moving forward in your practice. We are all unique individuals and everyone should practice what is right now for now. This will change, often on a daily basis. Ultimately the goal of yoga is to free ourselves from our constant thought patterns and negative habits, to fix ourselves through a discipline, that have been proven to work for thousands of years.

Find the classes that suit you and come along. The only thing you will regret is not coming before now. Come and experience the amazing yoga teachers and styles we have.

Yoga Classes in Hitchin

Gentle Yoga Classes in North Herts

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga in Hitchin

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Teen Yoga Classes in North Herts

Yoga for Teens

Yoga for Teens in Hitchin

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Private Yoga Classes in North Herts

Private Yoga Classes

One to One Yoga

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Yoga Workshops in North Herts

Yoga Workshops

Sometimes a more indepth class is needed.

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Yoga Classes in North Herts

Club Yoga

A great way to become the person you should be!

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Antenatal Yoga Classes in North Herts

Antenatal Yoga

Ensuring the next generation come into the world peacefully.

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Mantra Classes in North Herts

Mantra Yoga

Yoga of Sound. Classes, Workshops and Recordings.

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Meditation Classes in North Herts


Workshops and Specialist Classes.

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